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Ensuring Equipment Safety and Maintenance in the Rental Industry!

Maintaining the equipment's safety and upkeep is essential if you rent out equipment. The Ready to Rent (RTR) tags offer a foundation for best practices in equipment safety and upkeep, but merely having the tags on your equipment is not sufficient. The members of your team must comprehend the value of RTR tags and how to apply them to your business. The Rent Ready certification training course fills that need.

The Rent Ready certification training program ensures that your team members have shown they understand the significance of RTR tags and how to utilize them in your business. It is a straightforward and succinct program. The course covers all four certification categories and gives students a thorough grasp of RTR tags and their significance to your business.

Components of the Tag:

The three components of the RTR tag—communication, extension of the rental agreement, and safety/loss prevention—are thoroughly explained in the first session of the course. It discusses the significance of each component and how to use it to keep equipment safe and maintained. The section also discusses the RTR tags' color-coding, which uses green for equipment that is ready to rent, red for equipment that shouldn't be rented, and yellow for equipment that has to be checked in.


The importance of RTR tags for the success of the rental store is explained in detail in the course's second section. It discusses the significance of risk management and the function RTR tags play in guaranteeing the equipment's safety and maintained.

Administrative Flow:

The third lesson of the course outlines the use of each component of the RTR tag as well as how the equipment and tag move through the rental yard. It addresses the procedures for checking in and checking out as well as communication with the maintenance division.


The function and obligations as they pertain to the regular usage of the RTR tags are described in a written and signed agreement that is part of the fourth module of the course. The agreement specifies the onsite Rent Ready lead person, the location of the RTR tags, and the duties and expectations of the employees.

The Rent Ready certification training course contains a number of extra elements in addition to the four certification areas. They include exclusive membership to a closed Facebook community, exclusive offers and discounts on Ready to Rent tags, monthly "Rent Ready" safety training materials, monthly live Zoom Q&A hosted by RTRnation, monthly "Rent Ready" newsletter, and retail signs promoting the program.

The training course's outcomes are evident. Team members who successfully complete the course are given a digital copy of their certification. Rental companies gain from improved equipment availability and run time, less equipment maintenance expenses, and the opportunity to save money on insurance. The internal quarterly audit ensures that RTR tags are applied consistently and efficiently, further lowering risk and enhancing equipment safety and maintenance.

For rental organizations wishing to guarantee the safety and maintenance of their equipment, the Rent Ready certification training course is a crucial resource. Rental firms may lower risk, improve equipment availability, and save maintenance costs by giving team members a thorough grasp of RTR tags and how to use them in the rental yard. The program's extra features offer continual assistance and instruction to make sure the program is utilized properly. The Rent Ready certification training course gives rental businesses the assurance that their equipment is secure and well-maintained, setting the foundation for continued growth and success for your business.

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